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Health benefits

Did You Know ?

Pickles that are seasoned with salt, helps in the growth of probiotic bacteria in your gut, hence adding pickles to your daily meals aid in better digestion

Tea-time snacks offers a chance to unwind your time with friends and family

The use of turmeric dates back nearly 4000 years to the Vedic culture in India. This ancient spice celebrated for centuries as both food and medicine with no side-effects

Jeera or Cummin seeds are native to India and is used for millennia recipes forming the basis of many other spice blends

Tempering or giving Tadka to food at the beginning and end have different effects. In India we follow both processes

Dry roasting changes the chemistry of protein in food by changing their flavour and enhancing the aroma and taste

Turmeric is also known as Golden Spice used in culinary and also has religious significance

Giving Tadka or tempering at the beginning and cooking food in tempered masala mellows the spices and blend their flavours giving them time to permeate the food

Oil is popular medium used for preserving pickles in our country as it seals off the air and moisture from the vegetables that is being pickled

Tempering or giving Tadka at the end gives sharper and more pungent flavour to the food

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Mouth watering Snacks And Aachar

100% Organic food

Our achars and snacks are made with great care and hygiene. “No preservatives, branded raw material, long shelf life” has always been our USPs. 

All our products are not only homemade but also traditionally handmade so that you can enjoy the same flavour and essence.

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pure and authentic


What makes us different

At Trupti’s Kitchen, we cater homemade and handmade platter of 9 tea-time snacks and 8 dadi-nani style traditional North Indian aachar made in typically authentic way. 

Great healthy options for time-crunched people and for those home away from home. Try your favourite tasty snacks and tongue-tickling aachar and share your experiences with us

Hot Selling Items

The best way to experience our wide collection is to check out our whole menu. Follow the aromas and choose the most enticing snacks/achars to satisfy your palate.

How we stand apart?

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